Wednesday, November 23, 2005

tis the season?

i don't know if i will be doing my Christmas newsletter this year, i may just 'blog it'. most of the recipients of the newsletter all ready read my blog. and those that don't...well i don't want them to know what's happening in my life anyhow.

let's start with thanksgiving. ugh.
the fiasco began about two weeks ago, when i announced to poo & her husband that i was spending the day/night with pilot, and wouldn't be here for thanksgiving dinner. which obviously meant that i wouldn't be cooking dinner, either. poo's husband went crazy. apparently, this is his most sacred of holiday's. he literally wiped his ass on my arm, threw stuff at me, and called me names. it wasn't pretty.
next, boo called (he had all ready stated previously that he couldn't make it home for the occasion, as he had to work) and said that the 'guys' had invited us to dinner at their home. as i don't need to meet pilot until 6:00 p.m., i accepted the invite. i know that the guys will outdo anything that martha stewart could even imagine!

in the meantime, poo has begun this stupid infatuation with a friend of theirs. she is absolutely obsessed with him (for anonymity sake, i will refer to him as *scumbag*). she wants to leave her husband and move in with me. naturally, i would never turn away one of my children (no matter how wrong i believe they are). i told her that the only condition was, no dogs. poo has 3 dogs, all of which weigh over 100 pounds. all of which are indoor pets. that would mean that i would have over 500 pounds of dogs living in my 700 sq.' house.
when she heard my condition, she got bitchy and hasn't spoke to me since.

on another angle, we (the guy's & i) decided to take a Christmas cruise next month. since poo wouldn't answer her telephone when i called to inquire if she wants to go, "B" took off from work, drove to her work and asked her about the cruise. she told him that she would call me that evening. later that night, she called to tell me that *scumbag* had to check his schedule to see if he could get off work to go on the cruise. ugh.

so, back to thanksgiving dinner....
poo says she will go, just to appease the guys. boo says that he will come home for the dinner only if i promise to have poo (who he now refers to as 'crazy poo')"baker acted" during the festivities at the guys house. should be interesting.

also, my cousin called and invited me to their house for dinner. after relating the story to him, i think he'll have me baker acted. i promised to go see him the following saturday.

in addition to all of this, my ex (#4) is coming to florida for thanksgiving. he wants to see me, too. he also wants me to "come back home" because he loves me and still wants me. he says i am ruining my life.

oh yeah, and here is an excerpt from a letter from another well known ex, that i received this week: "I choose to believe we aren't over, and that there are grounds to hope our best times, together, are yet to come. Sometimes I know it seems like I let your love go to waste, like dumping fine wine on the ground. But xxxx, precious xxxx, I see it. I see that your love is the rarest of gifts, not to be despised, not to be taken for granted but rather a love to celebrate, to hold in reverence, worthy of worship. I love you xxxx. I never stopped loving you. I never will."

does nobody care about how i feel? or where my heart is? or how easily words can hurt me? don't they realize that when someone opens up an old wound that it takes that much longer to heal?

where am i, you ask? hmmm, let's see.
i think that i am going to end the relationship with pilot this week. there are many reasons, as stated in my previous post. i don't think that the future is very promising with him, and i need more than he can offer. i went to my world class stylist last night, and he is insisting that i stuff some contraband into pilot's flightbag, then call the wife and tell all. wow, he really holds a grudge. he has hated pilot for months now.

mr. 11:30 has moved up significantly in my theoretical clock. still not holding my breath on this one, but he has continued to hold my attention (and that's quite a feat). God, he's sexy! ok...that's all i'll say on that matter.

please don't think that my life is as "cloudy" as this post seems. i am taking this all in stride, and still find the humour/irony in it all. i am certainly not unhappy, so don't worry about me.


ok, how about some HAPPY news?

we are booking our cruise today! YAY! we depart dec. 16th from ft. lauderdale and go for 3 nights to freeport and back to ft. lauderdale. i can't wait! it's a good time for a vacation, and we all really need one!
of course, this means massive shopping now!

boo is doing so well in his classes, that he doesn't even need to take any finals this semester. i am so proud of him! he will come home for the cruise and stay until after the first of the year.

well, i guess that about does it for my thanksgiving-from-hell post. i'm gonna go stick my head in the oven with the turkey...


song lyric of the day (yeah, it's me): "what drives you on, can drive you mad. a million lies to sell yourself, is all you ever had...don't believe in love, don't believe in hate, don't believe in anything..."


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