Wednesday, August 31, 2005

back to life....

i am feeling much better today.
thanks to the help and support of all of my friends. you know who you are, and i love you all!

i have been suffering from insomnia, which causes my mind to do crazy things. like think.

and, as i think about the turn of events that my life has taken, then i realize that i am much better off without him.

ok, back to reality...
three days until i take Vegas by storm!!!
i am FINALLY excited about going.
the guys were really worried that i would poop out on them and be all whiny...wah wah boyfriend left me ....wah wah wah...
anyhow, they are trying to fix me up with 'straight-jason', who is also going on the trip.
they say "whatever happens in vegas, stays in vegas!"

i went to my world class hairstylist last night for a fab new look. (which, by the way, he thinks i should call the wife and divulge everything.) he told me to get over the old-fucking-loser, and go to vegas and do everyone there!
he was exceptionally upset that this guy dumped me. he said, "i had your hair looking fabulous for this guy, and he dumped you????? what a fucking loser, you can do so much better"
i love him!
unfortunately, he won't be going with us. he and his better half are spending the weekend in ft. lauderdale.

tonight, we are making a 'dry run' to my next husbands home. we are supposed to meet up at his house saturday morning at 5:30 a.m., and he was afraid that we'd get lost. on saturday morning, his boyfriend will drop us off at the airport (saves on parking fees), and we'll catch the early flight. he is terrified of flying so far. neither of us has ever flown so far. to counter our fear, we have stocked up on the xanax, and we'll have a couple bloody's pre-flight.

tomorrow night we dine with the boys, for last minute preparations.
friday night, getting my nails done.

by the way, my very straight cousin is joining us on this trip. (the one with whom i always go to key west with)
i don't think he's ever been around any gay men. yes, i am a little concerned, but hey...they all know they are gay.
i'm sure he'll be fine.

i doubt that i will be blogging again before my trip, so stay posted for new pics!


song lyric of the day (continued): "back to reality. back to the here and now."


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