Saturday, October 29, 2005

the word of the day....

is FUCK.

that's all we've been able to say.
we knew wilma was coming. we said 'fuck!'.
thirteen months, three major hurricanes. we've been through the eye of 3 hurricanes.

i lost my back porch, again. i can't file insurance because after last years claims, they raised my deductible up to $10,000. FUCK!

the storm hit monday morning, oct 24th. we still have no electricity. they tell us that we'll get power by nov. 15th. but no later than nov 22nd.

no hot water, no lights, no heat (it's in the 50's here), no air conditioning (it gets into the 80's during the day), no unspoiled food, no internet (except when i am at a job that i hate)


song lyric of the day: "you come on like a bloodstained hurricane. leave me alone, let me be this time."


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