Thursday, September 08, 2005

my city was gone...

i know that everyone has been inundated with images from new orleans. it is horrid, sad and depressing to see the destruction.

i have to share my thoughts on what was my favorite city in the world...

almost every year throughout the '90s, my best friend and i would go to new orleans. every year seemed to replace the previous year with better memories.
the city enthralled me with its architecture. it pulled me in with its voodoo. it entertained me with the people. it was a city of lust, of magic, of mystery, of fun...and of love.

our last visit was in april 2001. it was me, my daughter poo, nice lady and my other bestest friend - K. (remember, i try to keep things anonymous on here)
it was a sad time for me, i knew that on the day that we would return to atlanta, poo would be moving to florida, for good.
we didn't let that stand in the way of our fun.
we arrived late friday night into the big easy. we stayed at the marriott on canal street, easily walking distance to bourbon street.
we partied on bourbon street every night.
in the mornings, we would walk down to a small hole in the wall diner for breakfast. it was without a doubt, the best food anywhere! for $5.00, we would get a full plate of the best southern breakfast anywhere and the thickest, spiciest bloody mary around!
we then spent the days going through jackson square, shopping and enjoying all of the various street performers.
i found a small shop that was full of fortune tellers. i am always the skeptical one, so i give little to no information to the fortune tellers.
the lady who read my tarot cards was uncanny.
she taped the entire reading, so i wouldn't forget what was said.
some of the info she gave me:
she told me that i would be moving near water soon (in another thought, she specifically mentioned south florida). ***at that time, i had no intentions of following poo to florida***
i would have a new job by july 1, making more money than ever, working with a brown
haired girl. ***i started my new job as lab manager at the end of june. the girl who works for me has brown hair***
she told me that my ex would contact me soon. ***after verifying which ex, i called her out on that one. i told her that he was the only one with whom i had no contact with. the day after i got home, he called***

she told me many other things, all of which have proven true - down to frighteningly accurate details.
someday, i hope to find her again, and find out what lies in store for me.

on our last full day in nawlins, we began with our bloody mary's. we moved on to dirty monkeys (some banana flavored drink), mango margaritas, and rum punch.
we were making our way (sort of) back to the hotel to rest, shower and prepare for the evening festivities. we walked past a bar on bourbon street named "utopia". two large doormen(?) or bouncers(?) or .... i don't know who they were...anyhow, these two men insisted that we come in for a drink. it was nearly noon.
we finally made it back to the hotel sometime around midnight. they wouldn't even let us leave when we ran out of cigarettes, or money. they took care of everything for us. it was a great time. poo danced with a deaf man. we drank shooters from a 'mobster'..."when joey says drink, you drink!"

ahhh, the memories that we will always keep in our hearts. i love my daughter and my best friends for sharing that weekend with me. i love the city of new orleans for everything that it is, because even though our city may be devastated right now, it will always be 'our city' in my heart.

please, do your best to contribute what you can to the fund that you feel will be the best for you. and don't forget to donate to the lost animals of the hurricane victims.


yes, i am back from vegas.
no, i will not mention details in this post.
yes, you will wait!


song lyric of the day (this deserves to be written in its entirety):
Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans
And miss her each night and day
I know I'm not wrong because the feeling's
Getting stronger the longer I stay away

Miss the moss-covered vines, tall sugar pines
Where mockingbirds used to sing
I'd love to see that old lazy Mississippi
Running in the spring

Moonlight on the bayous
Creole tunes fill the air
I dream about magnolias in June
And I'm wishin I was there

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans
When that's where you left your heart
And there's one thing more, I miss the one I care for
More than I miss New Orleans


Anonymous wildflower said...

Hey what's going on girl? i saw you on (the simply alias...) and had no other way to get in touch but to leave you a comment here.

i'd like if you'd drop me a line where i could write you at...i've got something i wanna say. Not bad though. :)

you can email:


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