Wednesday, September 14, 2005

elvis has left the building

i am so disappointed.
we spent three full days (and nights...but they all run together) in vegas, and i didn't see one single elvis. i think i am going to have to return just for an official "elvis hunt"!

yes, we had a great time in the city that never sleeps.
yes, i lost my ass.
$1100 to be exact...but who needs to pay their mortgage anyway?

we stayed at New York New York.
fabulous hotel! i gambled a lot. i didn't see any shows, but the guys did.
on saturday night, the guys went to see "mama mia" (for like their 50th time), and on sunday night, my 5th husband had second row seats for celine dion. he loves her!

the city is terrific. so much to do, so little time to do it in.
the restaurants were the best ever.
oh yeah, in NYNY, there is a very nice italian restaurant called "Il Fornaio". it is THE BEST!!!! that is where i met vinnie.
vinnie is in love with me now. he keeps asking me if i will let him fly me out there for the weekend. vinnie is very nice, but just a little overly enthusiastic. is the link for the pics...

also on this particular roll of film was our pictures that were taken during the florida landing of hurricane katrina. we went to the beach early in the day and took some pics. you really can't tell from the photos how wild the water and wind were, but it'll give you some idea. thank God we didn't get the devastation that the gulf coast got. but 11 deaths in our area was still pretty significant.

katrina in FL

more later...maybe,

song lyric of the day (because this is where i am right now): "my fears come alive. in this place where i once died. demons dreaming.
knowing i...i just needed to realign."


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