Tuesday, June 14, 2005

it's raining men....

ok, ok. call me a slacker.
i haven't posted because i haven't had too much to say.

hmmmm, where to begin?

as you all know, there is a new man in my life. so my weekends are busy with him. he lives near atlanta, but he's a pilot and visits me often. (he is so hot in his uniform!)
and yes...i am in love again. sickening, isn't it?
and by the way...he never signs anything *regards* anymore!


oh yeah, there *is* another new man in my life, too.
there is a family of renters across the street from me. they are pure white trash. they have about 40 crackhead-looking people living in a 2 bedroom home and more junk cars than conley, GA.
anyhow, one of them, "ricky", seems to have taken a liking to me. ricky says that he lives 2 hours north of orlando, but he is always next door. he hides behind the junk cars and waits for me to go to my mailbox so he can talk with me. he offered to repair my roof (the part that ex#4 didn't fix), so i paid him to do that.
i may have said the wrong thing to him when i mentioned that "my boyfriend is into bondage, and wraps his ropes up like that". ever since then, ricky calls me everyday, or just comes over.
the other night i was in bed (no lights on in the entire house) watching television, and ricky knocked on my door. he said that he "figgered" i was still awake cause he saw my tv on.
yesterday i left work early to get my brazilian bikini wax done. i rushed home and showered first (duh!). as i was getting dressed, ricky called. he was in my back yard. he wanted to know if he could mow my lawn. i told him to come in while i put my make-up on, and we would discuss it.
ricky loved my bedroom. "i like your bedroom" & "those flowers shore are purty" ...
i explained that i was so busy lately that i had to pay someone to clean my home. of course, he offered his services for that, too. i declined that offer.
as i was finishing my make-up and trying to run out the door, i realized that i forgot to take my hair out of the ponytail and fix it.
ricky, always willing to help, offered this: "well, i don't have much experience at it, but i can try to do your hair for you." YIKES!!!!!
finally pushing him out the door, he told me how his wife just sits on the couch all day eating and watching dr. phil. she won't even cook or wash his clothes for him.
BA-BYE RICKY!!! maybe if he spent as much time in his own backyard, as he does in mine....oh nevermind....
the bikini wax was much less painful!


the other man in my life, Boo Boo is leaving me.
he got accepted to FIT (fashion institute of technology) in new york city. he is moving in august. you know my heart is broken, but i won't let him see it.
i gave him roots, now i have to give him wings.


the men in my life (the 'guys') are doing great! poo & i have dinner with them every tuesday night. and we are trying to get back into our friday night poker games again. since i am seeing my Pilot, i don't get to the gaybar gaybar very often.
we have our flights and hotel reservations for las vegas. we are going sept 3-6, and we're staying at excalibur. if poo doesn't go, i will be sharing a room with my 5th husband! (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/lr772/detail?.dir=1698&.dnm=1b54.jpg&.src=ph)
we are becoming quite popular with the gay crowd. poo & i have been in nearly every issue of "out on the coast" magazine!


and finally...another significant man in my life is my cousin.
i spent the past weekend with him. we are headed to key west next thursday (june 23). it will be him and his wife and poo & me. four days of drinking and oysters!
stay tuned for pictures....


hee hee hee....lovi found a life!


song lyric of the day: "summertime....and the livin's easy...."


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