Tuesday, April 26, 2005


i know. nearly 3 weeks since i've blogged. sue me.
i thought as i grew older, life would slow down.
oh, hell no.

let's see....where to begin....

last week, ex-husband #4 came for a visit. he stayed for nearly a week. he painted the entire house, and repaired my hurricane-damaged roof. it was good to see him again, he's back to his old self! he is completely in remission and as feisty as ever.

we spent the week entertaining him, going out for dinner and what-not. one night we took him to dinner with 'the guys'. thank God he isn't homophobic!!! during the course of the evening, he stepped outside for a cigarette, and one of the guys asked me..."soooo, whats the deal with you two? has he re-married or what?"
i looked him solemnly in the eye and said, "no, after we split up, he turned gay." oh my God!!! his chin hit the table, and he damn near came outta his seat!!! after the laughter died down, i told him i was just fuckin' with him, he is definitely straight! the disappointed look was priceless! (i am such the gay tease!) bitch!!!

that dinner was in fact, part of the 12 day celebration of one of their birthdays. he has declared that only he & Jesus can have a 12 day birthday. more on that further down....

anyhow, back to ex#4.... it was so ironic. i have finally turned into the woman that he always wanted me to be. i watch my weight, exercise & eat right, keep a tidy home, earn a decent salary, etc etc etc....
except, now there is nothing, chemistry wise, between us.
it makes me feel good, though, that i have finally earned his respect & admiration.

i went to see my world famous hairstylist last week. he thought he would try something new for me.
yeah, that's never a good sign....
he layered my hair...alot.
now, when my hair is styled correctly, i look like florence henderson from the brady bunch.
however, when my hair is left to fend for itself, i look more like alice cooper...UGH!!! i am afraid to go to bed with my hair wet, i will wake up looking like albert einstein.
i don't know how to tell him that i don't like it. he is so sensitive (and bitchy).
now that i think about it, he *did* buy me a baseball cap (it says MILF on it). hmmm, maybe he was trying to tell me something?


this past friday (april 22), boo had his tonsils removed. he is slowly recovering. it seems terribly painful, and he is sleeping alot. so, i have been playing nurse all weekend.

i'm not sure if he remembers it or not...but....
while we were in the pre-op, he had all ready been given mild sedatives. he was awake, but pretty high. anyhow, i took his cell phone (equipped with a camera), and took lots of pictures of him in his cute little surgical hat. i am certain that when he regains his strength, he's gonna get even with me...


this upcoming saturday (april 30), is the actual date of our friends birthday. i had no idea what to get him. he has everything that he wants, and gets what he wants all the time. he has an entire room of unused gifts (he swears he isn't a re-gifter...HA!) sooooo, i turn to the best resource i have....google.
i typed in "gifts for gay men". wow! lots of sites for that!! there is even a site called "gay-mart".
stay tuned for details and pics of the celebration!
i finally decided on 'queer bear' from www.ballsybear.com


with that, april will be over. where does the time go?
my weekends are pretty much booked until mid-june. may is full: mothers day, memorial day, and two weekends set aside for 'someone special'...
the first weekend in june is gay-days at disney world. yep, we are going! just in case you're interested: www.gaydays.com
oh, and my cousin (near pittsburgh) is getting married in late june, and it is presumed by all, that i will attend.


song lyric of the day: "ticking away the moments that make up a dull day. fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way. kicking around on a piece of ground in your hometown. waiting for someone or something to show you the way."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

song lyric
by Pink floyd
and as an asided Nick Mason and that othere well known rock star Pete Gabriel both live in the village(his real world studio is here )
told you it was pretty and we have a famouse tunnel

1:19 AM  

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