Thursday, April 07, 2005

random thoughts....



it's official, on march 25, 2005 Ava Ryan was born! weighing in at 7lbs 12oz and as her proud daddy says "with a hint of strawberry blonde hair". Congratulations James & Adrienne!!! i am so happy for you both!
she is beautiful!!! if you want to see pictures, email either me or gus.
does this mean that the gus-man has resigned himself to 'the family life'?
no more Idle Time?
inquiring fans need to know! :)


last night we had dinner at longhorn's with the guys. they are really over the top. the topic of conversation was "hot carl's" & "hot carl's under glass". if you don't know what a hot carl is, then you might want to 'google' it, as i am not explaining that one. i am not into the 'carl' stuff, but you know what they say...YKIOK,IJNMK Your Kink is OK, It's Just Not My Kink...
anyhow, it was a truly entertaining evening (not to mention informative).


one of boo's friends has invited me to go with her & her girlfriend to a fetish club. this is going to be interesting. i have heard about these clubs, but i have never been to one. stay tuned for updates on this one!


gold update....
my gold is still in lockdown at GM. but apparently i have managed to draw the attention of some gold fans. someone posted a comment to my rant concerning gold. he (i am assuming it is a 'he'), even went as far as to suggest that i don't need to gamble. HA! he obviously doesn't know me! :)
seriously, what else is there to do with digital gold?


weekend plans?
well, i was supposed to drive to melbourne for some fun this weekend, but i think i may postpone that til the end of the month. instead, i am going to the gaybar-gaybar for updates on how the 'hot carl date' went....yuk!

next weekend, my 4th ex-husband is supposed to drive down to help begin repairs on my house.

God, i am really running outta stuff to say when i begin talking about ex-husbands....

'nuff for now....

song lyric of the day (for Ava): "lovely girl you're the beauty in my world"
(it's the only appropriate line from that song that i could come up with)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there anything one should know about as an e-gold account holder that you might know about?

You seem to hint that e-gold might not be a safe place to store our gold.

I'm wondering why is that? Can you give us any details?

9:46 PM  

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