Monday, April 04, 2005

i'll take "things you shouldn't do when you're hungover" for $1000, alex

i am always saying that i don't have a life.
that i need to 'get a life'.
well, i think it snuck up on me. i have come to realize i do have a life. a rather busy one at that.

it is currently monday morning, 7:00 a.m., and this is the first chance i've had to answer e-mails and blog. good thing my job is so slow right now, i have a chance to rest up before the next weekend!

it all started this past friday morning. the 'thelma & louise' feeling struck me. so, i called my 'thelma' (poo), and told her to pack a bag. at least this time i gave her time to pack.

by 1:00, we were on the highway. we drove down to hollywood to the seminole reservation. we stayed at the hard rock casino. of course, she just left a note for her husband...not a good thing. or perhaps having my cell phone with me was not the 'good thing'. he found us just as we were entering the casino. she calmed him down after a few phone calls, and all was good.

the hotel is super! very new, very nice. there are lots of stores and restaurants and nightclubs. the casino lacks alot, though. not that i am bitter or anything (i lost $300), but it just isn't a "real" casino. the slot machines are all video machines (they don't even have slots, or 'arms'). the poker tables are lame at best. you don't even drink for free while gambling.
we then put on our finest clubbing clothes and went out to the clubs in the resort. really nice clubs! we found one, where ladies drink for free til midnight....WAHOO!!! however, if you want to sit down, in that particular club, you have to buy a $200 bottle of booze. we stayed there until we couldn't stand any longer!
all in all, it is a really nice resort, and we will most likely return.

saturday morning, we woke up and went back to the casino. i recouped some of my losses, not nearly enough, but some.
we left the hard rock around 1:00, and made it to west palm by 2:00. poo had coerced me into going for jeopardy try-outs that were being held that day. yep, i'm a loser. didn't weird al do a song (about a zillion years ago) called 'i lost on jeopardy'? anyhow, i missed it by one freakin' question! never, ever try out for a game show with a pounding hangover! ok, in all fairness, even stone sober, i would have missed the question. i don't know nuthin' 'bout no stoopid muppets. let's see, i know kermit & miss piggy. but who in the hell is dr. bunsen honeydew??? ah well, it was fun.
i did play against opponents and won my round. i got some sort of time-life book of the greatest pictures of all time, or something like that.
poo wasn't being unselfish in her quest for my jeopardy appearance. she only wanted me to win, so we would get a trip to LA, so she could go on 'the price is right'.
she is a 'price is right' junkie. no one is allowed to call or come over between 11 & 12 every weekday. she gets pretty pissed if you interrupt her bob barker hour.

on to sunday morning....
my phone rings early, it is my favorite hairstylist. he wants to make sure that we are still going to 'pridefest'. we had promised him earlier in the week, that we would go with him.
so, we get dressed and we're off again.
this was my first venture into a pridefest type thing. we were too late for the parade, but it was still alot of fun. there were nearly 10,000 people there. quite a diverse crowd. the master of ceremonies was our local weatherman. we love him! of course we all ready knew he was gay (my hairstylist told us), but we didn't realize how 'out there' he was! there were lots of drag shows. and my hairstylist even performed as a backup dancer in one of the shows. (pictures --> i even got my picture taken with tina turner...errr, a tina turner with a penis, that is!
poo took home dozens of the free condoms, and i took home a nice sunburn.

later that night, we went to have dinner at a local mexican joint.
got home by 9, in bed by 10. what a crazy weekend!

boo arrived home safely from his trip to NYC late sunday night. he and his friends took a 4 day weekend to see some shows and do some shopping.
he always brings me back a nice souvenir. this time he brought me porn.
it is a video of women doing it 'in the rear'. he bought it in chinatown. he asked one of the chinese men for a movie on bondage. apparently the chinese fellow didn't speak english too well and thought boo asked for big dix. i guess if you say bondage with a strong chinese accent, it would sound like big dix...?
well, boo was too embarrassed to re-ask, so i have a girls-getting-it-in-the-rear-with-big-dicks movie.
i hope it is better quality than "black at the ranch".....hee hee hee!


my friend oz sent me this:


Issue Date Forecast Parameter and 1950-2000 3 December 1 April
Climatology (in parentheses)
2004 vs 2005
Named Storms (NS) 2004 - 11 2005 - 13
Named Storm Days (NSD) 2004 - 55 2005 - 65
Hurricanes (H) 2004 - 6 2005 - 7
Hurricane Days (HD) 2004 - 25 2005 - 35
Intense Hurricanes (IH) 2004 - 3 2005 - 3
Intense Hurricane Days (IHD) 2004- 6 2005 - 7
Net Tropical Cyclone Activity (NTC) 2004- 115 2005 - 135

Full details at

i don't think i can go through this again....
guess i'd better invest in that generator soon....


song lyric of the day: "shake it, shake it. shake it like a polaroid picture."


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