Wednesday, March 02, 2005

brain stew

what do you get when you mix a full time job with school?
brain atrophy.

i began my real estate school this week.
this is my day:
get up at 4:20 a.m.
get to work by 6:00 a.m. <-- *if* i am lucky. because since the hurricanes wiped out the road i normally took to work, i have to take US1 now. I HATE US1!!!!
work until 3:00 p.m.
get home by 4:00 p.m. (again, if i am lucky cause of fucking US1)
leave for class at 4:45 p.m.
in class until 10:30 p.m.
home by 11:00 p.m. (by that time US1 is pretty quiet...all of the old folks are in bed)

multiply this by 3x per week, and factor in my advanced age.....VOILA!
brain death.

it's probably pretty obvious why i am taking the class.
i have been trying to get out of lab work for about 8 years now.
and now it seems as though there may not be a lab left here soon.
my ICP had a major meltdown this week.
water leaked in from the roof directly into my high voltage and electronics sections of the ICP. i won't have the instrument repaired until they fix the roof.
so, my lab is basically at a standstill.
which, fortunately allows me plenty of time for studying.

in addition to the broken ICP, there is citrus canker running rampant throughout our area now. most major groves are under quarentine, or being burned.

no citrus groves = no work for me.

ok, on to happier thoughts


vacation alert!

we...the 'boys' and i (and poo, of course), are planning our next vacation.
i think we are venturing to las vegas in september.
*can you tell that i live for vacations?*

anyhow, the guys go to vegas often, and have invited us.
i have never been there so i am excited.
i doubt that i will be able to wait until september for my next adventure, though.
i am thinking of taking off for a long weekend in new orleans, right after i finish school this month.
then again, there is always key west!

*famous key west story*

last may (right after i broke up with doug, for the first time), poo and i were on our way to palm beach for lunch and shopping.
it was the saturday of 'mothers day weekend'.
as we were headed down I95, the radio DJ announced that he was 'outta here for the weekend', he was going to key west.
i kinda sighed, and said, "awww, i wish we were going to key west."
without another thought, poo left I95, turned south on the turnpike, and 4 hours later we were at mile marker 1.
since we were dressed in our designer-shopping-in-palm-beach-clothes, and had no toiletries, we stopped at a wretched k-mart on islamorada. we bought horrible clothes and changed in the restroom of a burger king.
she called her husband from mile marker 22, and told him we probably wouldn't make it home from our "luncheon".
of course, he was livid, but he got over it.

poo and i had the time of our life. we drank tropical orgasms at mallory square watching the sunset.
we had dinner at a place called 'the naked lunch'.....the food sucked, but it was a clothing-optional restaurant.
then, we found a clothing-optional bar.
it was crazy! there is a man who does body painting. we had our breasts painted and walked all over the place topless!
mine actually looked enough like a bikini that i could walk in public without being arrested (and i did).
turns out that we were only in key west for sixteen hours, our hotel room for 4 hours. so we apparently drank for 12 hours.....WHEW!

ahhhh, memories....

enough for now...i have to study.


song lyric of the day: "december promise you made unto me. december whispers treachery."


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