Saturday, February 26, 2005


ok ok
i hear you.
i know you want to know about the cruise. i have been so freaking busy since returning, i haven't had the time to blog.
anyone who knows EPA stuff (hi to my friend in alabama!), knows what a pain in the ass their paperwork is. and, march 1st is the due date for 3 of my major yearly reports. naturally, i waited until after the cruise to begin them....YUK!

the cruise was fabulous!
our first day on board was kinda rough seas, so we didn't do much. but by the time we docked in nassau, the seas were calm.
we shopped all day in nassau. believe it or not, i was all shopped out. i didn't buy anything.
in fact, i spent most of my cruise in the various casino's. i love casinos!!!

no, i didn't find any non-gay-male companionship/romance on the ship. oh well...
still had a great time.

the diet suffered only a slight setback. i gained about 8 pounds on the cruise, but have lost 4 of it all ready. we never even thought about our diets onboard. we ate every carb known to man. we ate like hostages! so, considering that, i don't think 8 pounds was a terrible price to pay!

here is a link to our pictures, if you'd like to take a peek:

sorry, no bikini pics. we only sunbathed once, and as it was on the 'topless' deck, no cameras were allowed.

more later...

song lyric that i sang on the ship (much to the discomfort of my shipmates):
"you got your hair permed. you got your red dress on. screamin' that second gear was such a turn on. now the fog on my window tells me that the morning's here and you'll be gone before too long. who taught you those new tricks? damn, i shouldn't start that talk. but life is one big question when you're staring at the clock. and the answer so is waiting at the liquor store.
40 ounces to freedom, so i'll take that walk....and i know that oh, i'm not goin' back...."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

gotcha on those EPA things. Glad the cruise was a success. You and the kids look good in the cruise photos.

an anonymous friend in Alabama

10:57 PM  

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