Saturday, March 26, 2005

digital currency loop

this weekend the gold casino (TGC) is having another contest, where i could possibly win some gold.

can i play??? NO!!!!
*all right, i admit, i should actually be studying for my exam, but i need some distraction*

apparently, if you refuse to use e-gold, you can't play.
i don't want to use e-gold. you may think that i am bitter that dj used me, cheated on me, and broke my ribs, but it goes deeper than that.
i could name more than enough reason's, such as bankruptcy, misappropriation, and illegal activities.
suffice it to say, imo e-gold is not stable enough for my gold.

soooo, i go to goldmoney. you all ready know that twisted tale.

next step? i contact TGC, asking how to fund my account with GM. they were very helpful, and understanding (and from what i hear, pretty amused at my calling doug ODCface!). however, their hands are proverbially tied. GM doesn't play well with others.
TGC suggested that i open an account with pecunix, and convert GM to pecunix, then fund TGC with that.

i open a pecunix account. i open yet another TGC account. ok, ready to play!
GM doesn't play well with pecunix either!
the following is the e-mail i received from pecunix regarding how to fund my account with GM:

Thank you for your e-mail.You would go through a PREO.
Try asking Vlad at
Pecunix Customer Services

--- Message at 2005-03-25 13:42:35 UTC ---
how do i fund my pecunix account with GoldMoney?

ok, lets get this straight.....
i buy gold through goldmoney.
wait three months to be able to spend said gold.
open a pecunix account.
open a forexgold account.
move the gold from GM to pecunix.
move the pecunix to forexgold.
move the forexgold to TGC.
*btw, i haven't even looked at yet, so there is most likely more hoops that i need to jump through.*

in a final desperate attempt, i contacted goldmoney, once again:
letter from me:
how can i fund my tgc account with goldmoney?
thank you!

reply from the geniuses of goldmoney:
Support replies,
We do not follow the nature of your query.

Funding anything other than a bank account in yourname with GoldMoney sales proceeds is not currently offered.
Whilst you may use the services of a cambio such as to transfer goldgrams into other e-goldfirms, we are not familiar with tgc or what your proposal is.
GoldMoney Support

we do not follow the nature of your query????
and yes, they are suggesting another hoop to jump through.

meanwhile, no gambling for me.

the rant continues...

song lyric of the day: "your words walk right through my ears. presuming i like what i hear. and now i'm stuck in the web you're spinning."


Blogger goldprice said...

Hi, is an exchange provider. They will convert your goldmoney to Pecunix for a fee. You give them goldmoney and tell them your Pecunix account and they will fund your Pecunix account. Then you can fund your TGC account with Pecunix. is reliable, I have used them before many times. Perhaps all this trouble is a sign that you shouldn't gamble at TGC :-)

11:31 PM  
Blogger ~L said...

hi GP,
thanks for your input.
however, if i don't use goldmoney to gamble with, what else am i going to use it for? hmmm, can i buy new shoes with it? no. can i get groceries with it? no. gasoline? HA!
basically, my gold just sits in the vault eroding from storage fees.

5:39 AM  

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