Wednesday, February 09, 2005

waiting for the other shoe to drop

they say that bad news comes in threes.
in the past two days, i have had two.
now i am waiting for the third.

on monday, i got the news that someone very close to me (she doesn't want anyone to know, so i will keep her anonymous - but she is a family member) has breast cancer. this news, in and of itself is very devastating. but it also serves as a reminder that i will succumb to cancer someday. every woman on my mothers side of the family either has it, had it, or died from it. of course, i have had my share of surgeries. but i have never had to deal with radiation. yet.

last night, poo & i went out for dinner. we had just ordered, and gotten our drinks when my cell phone rang. it was poo's husband. he wrecked his motorcycle. we left immediately.
by the time we got home, he was in shock. they left for the hospital around 8:00 p.m.
they got home at 3:30 a.m. hospital emergency rooms suck. he has a broken arm, and possibly needs orthopedic surgery. he is relatively lucky, as it could've been much worse.

so, here i am. nervously waiting for the other shoe to drop. what will the third 'bad thing' be?
i don't even want to speculate.

this past friday poo, her husband and i drove to atlanta for a whirlwind trip. every year we drive up to have 'fat bastard' do our tax returns for us.
fat bastard is pretty much the "rainman" of taxes. he is old, overweight, and horribly perverted and obscene, but he knows the tax laws like no one else.
the good news is, with all of our hurricane damages, we get back everything that we paid in last year. we also have a $35,000 credit on next years taxes.
after seeing conyers again, especially in the dead of winter, i am so happy that we moved away from there. the place is so damn depressing and ugly.

ok, i am going to try to move on to happier thoughts...


CRUISE WATCH.....T-9 days

yes, nine days until we set sail. our diets are coming along fine. in fact, most of our clothes don't fit anymore. pity. just means we will have to shop more!
this weekend, we are headed to bloomingdales for last-minute items.

i bought another new bikini for the cruise. it is all white. i bought it online, and the description stated that it was fully lined. well, descriptions can be deceiving. it is pretty transparent even before getting wet. it's a shame that i chickened out on that brazilian wax. oh well, who's gonna care? i am going on a cruise with eight gay men and my daughter.

we ran into the rest of our cruise-mates last night at dinner. everyone is so excited! oh, and they made us promise to go to the gay bar, gay bar this saturday night...they miss us!

we have been diligently tanning every day. i think we are finally at the point where we won't burn once we are in the sun.
*note to, my ass is not striped anymore! i turn while i am in the tanning bed!* :)

ok, enough for today. i am going to go and wait for the other falling shoe....


song lyric of the day: "hazing clouds rain on my head. empty thoughts fill my ears. find my shade by the moonlight. why my thoughts aren't so clear."


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