Wednesday, March 30, 2005


school finished up on monday, with our exam.
poo & i both passed our test! WAHOO!!!! now, on to studying for our state licensing exam...ugh!
i'm glad it's over, and i am happy we took the course.
don't know yet where it will lead us.....

we went to dinner at longhorn's again last night. we go there so often, they know us by name now! we eat there at least twice a week, and often times 3 or 4 times/week.
hey! remember, i am on the no-carb diet, so i can eat all the steak i want!!!
anyhow, we ran into the 'guys' last night. we are trying to settle on a date for our trip to new orleans. seems their schedule is full until memorial day. but, i may be working (yes, in real estate) in knows? maybe i will settle for a quick trip to key west.

boo & the guys leave for NYC this thursday for a 4 day weekend trip. i am envious! but they have alot of tickets to broadway shows, and lotsa money to shop with. so, i am certain they will have a great time.

for poo's Easter gift, i paid for her to have her hair done by my favorite stylist. btw, it looks fabulous!
anyhow, he invited us to go to Pride-fest this weekend, in lake worth. i'm looking forward to it. it promises to be alot of fun. i know, i know...i am never going to find a man, being a fag-hag (when they aren't calling me milf, they call me fag-hag). but at least i'm having fun!

not much else to say today. just wanted everyone to know that i am still alive & kickin'...

oh yeah....i am still waiting to hear the "official" announcement of gus-man's baby girl, Ava...she was born march 25th...

and, no resolve to my foundering gold issues yet. i did receive a letter from geoff turk, but it wasn't helpful...go figure!

more later....

song lyric of the day: "too high, can’t come down. losing my head. spinning round and round. do you feel me now?"


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