Tuesday, March 22, 2005

hell froze over

yep, that's right. i never thought i'd ever be writing this story....
the consummate bachelor.
mr. playa-never-settling-down.
a man whose dating nightmare stories rival mine!

my dear friend, Ken and his wonderful wife Cherri are the very proud parents of a beautiful baby boy.
born march 12th (which happens to be my boo's birthday!), weighing in at 6 lbs 4 oz, Brice Collyn.
i am ecstatically happy for them! if you want pictures, e-mail me or ken.
Ken, i wish you and your family a lifetime of love, happiness and serenity. i can't wait to see you all again! keep the pics coming!

as i seem to be the stork messenger, i should also add, i am waiting word from Gus-man on the announcement of his second blessed event. i believe sometime in april....

God, i'm feeling old. my baby just turned 19.
speaking of which....
we (boo's friends, poo, and i) planned and executed the perfect surprise party for him on the 12th.
we had a small intimate party at our friends home, then went to the gay bar-gay bar. it was completely decorated in pink & white balloons and streamers. they went all out for us. i will be posting the pic's later today (http://photos.yahoo.com/lr772)
it was a great party.

i'm still suffering from lack of sleep and brain mush. this is my final week of school. and, my freaking icp is broken AGAIN. so, i spend all day crawling around inside that stoopid instrument trying to fix it, and all night trying to digest a bazillion calculations.
after my test next week, i may (emphasis on may), be able to think and function again.

*oh, by the way (gotta write this while i'm thinking of it), nice lady....i got your message on my answering machine. i am in school until 11:00 p.m. if you want to talk, call my cell between 6:00 a.m. & 3:00 p.m. i miss you too!*

speaking of school, last night, my teacher asked me to go to lunch with him this week. this can't be a good sign.
i am guessing that he is going to tell me that i should save my money and not even bother to take the state exam. he obviously doesn't see the brilliance hiding behind this innocent demeanor *cough cough, choke choke, snort, gag, chuckle*
ok, in my defense, i am living on 4 hours of sleep/day. and by the time 9:00 p.m. rolls around, and i realize that i still have 1 or 2 more hours of class to go - my brain seizes.

here is a typical classroom exchange:
teacher: question 477. L, what is the amount of principal paid in the 145th month of a 30 year mortgage of $734,983 at 6% interest, using a VA loan, and the family has 18 kids, a dog and an iguana that shits on the son's bed?
L: um. what number are we on?
T: 477
L: a!
T: a? can anyone help L?
(this is when poo begins giggling and calling me "Nell")
L: b?
L: no, c!
T: that's right, the answer is D. D as in dumbass.

and poo is no help. she sleeps until noon (advantages of being unemployed), reads her book all day long. she is the freaking rainman of calculating mortgages! and me....well i am just the "nell" of real estate.

well, it'll all be over by this time next week...and i can finally sleep again! you know how much i value my sleep. i divorced husband #3 because he wouldn't let me sleep....

ok, some random thoughts before i open the damn books again....

last weekend, poo & i went to the gaybar-gaybar for the amateur stripper show. my hairstylist came in second place! i am posting his pic as well. damn, if he was only 5 years younger and straight....

GoldMoney update....
well, they FINALLY released my gold, to allow me to spend it. oh, but it doesn't end there, no....
even though it is stated on the gold casino's site, that you can use GM, you really can't.
apparently james turk has issues with gambling. bastard.

ok, other than my personal vendetta against doug jackson, here is a valid reason why goldmoney is superior to e-gold (which isn't saying much at this point):
rock and a hard place, eh?

btw, i personally recommend this site for any and all of your digital currency questions. i have much respect for this man (and i can say that about very few men).

*crawls away bashing hand into forehead....*


song lyric of the day (for Brice):
"here's to you my little one, with blessings from above. let the day begin"


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