Sunday, March 05, 2006

what the heck

i really don't have much to say. ok, so i skipped the entire month of february...big deal.
i am in transition mode. i am in limbo, or purgatory, or whatever you wish to call it.
i stopped smoking (yes, again) cold turkey, on february 20th. i still want to kill someone, so i must not be through the nasty phase yet.
lets see...what's new...?
well, mid february i flew to atlanta to see pilot. he took me to the local dungeon. i could have died!!!! the dungeon is the exact same place where we used to take environmental samples for hickson. the place used to be call 'law & company'. now it's a dungeon. go figure.
also, i just returned from 3 days in miami with pilot. he was down there training for a new jet.
he keeps telling me that he is going to leave his wife. he has to complete his new training, then he has to wait until she calms down enough to not take him for everything he's got, then he will just end it 'amicably'.
yeah, this is realistic...


in my last post, i alluded to the fact that i was keeping a secret. ok, many secrets.
i will share one with you now. i am doing this because i want/need your input.
ok, here goes...
i am starting up my own business. i am becoming a professional corporate concierge.
i still don't have a really good name for the business, so send some my way, ok?
i won't go into the boring details, but i am well upon my way.


vacation alert...
we are about 8 weeks away from our trip to new york city. i've never been, so i am really excited. so far we have tickets to see 'spamalot' and 'lestat' on broadway. this is going to be a great trip!

all right, you're lucky that you got this much outta me today. more later...


song lyric of the day: "blend and balance, pain and comfort, deep within you, till you will not have me any other way"


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