Tuesday, January 24, 2006


i'm full of 'em lately.

poo and i made a secret whirlwind trip to atlanta 10 days ago. we flew up on the 13th and came home on the 15th.
it was a surprise visit for my parents 50th wedding anniversary.
they were very excited, and we had a great time!
we told no one of our trip, so we didn't see our old friends, except ex #4 (who is incredibly psychic). but there will be time for that soon enough.

i'm not divulging any further info on my secrets, just yet. i will give you a hint, though. read my "song lyric of the day" very carefully.....

ok, one other new thought...
we are definitely not going to las vegas in march, as we had hoped. i am too broke right now. but, we are planning a trip to NYC at the end of april. we are going (with the boys, of course) to see a few broadway shows and do some shopping. i can't wait!!!
the boys and i have tickets to see the musical "wicked" next month, in west palm. i just finished the book, and poo is half-way done with it.

yeah, yeah, yeah....i know this is a boring blog today. but i promise, it will get much better in the coming weeks!


song lyric of the day: "sendin' out the message to all of my friends. we'll be lookin' flashy in my mercedes benz. i got lotsa style, got my gold diamond rings i can go for miles if you know what i mean."


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