Tuesday, January 25, 2005


i woke up (at 3:30) this morning with a pleasant surprise. sitting beside my coffee pot was a single long stemmed red rose. there was a card attached to it. it was from one of Boo's friends. she wrote that she wanted to thank me for being "me", and that she felt so loved and so much a part of my family. and that she loved me.

what a thoughtful thing to do. it turned my whole day brighter. i am so fortunate to be surrounded by so much love. sometimes when life is too much to bear, i forget just how lucky i am. it also served to remind me, how doing something so simple, can brighten someones day.


cruise watch....day T-24 and counting....
poo and i went shopping in palm beach this past weekend. we were hoping to crash "the donald's" wedding, but nooooooo....

anyhow, the diet / exercise is really paying off. the last time that i bought a new dress, it was a size 14.
saturday, i was trying on size 8 dresses AND THEY FIT!!!! it helps to see results like this. it keeps us motivated. poo says that we are "sexy bitches". oh, and i even bought a new bikini for the cruise. scarey but true....
i have to add, i also bought my very first pair of "Jimmy Choo" shoes. they are to die for! i currently have them on display in my bedroom.

more major bling for the cruise....
right before he broke my heart for Christmas, old dirty cuntface gave me a strand of pearls. last week i took them back to the store where he got them, and exchanged them for a pair of 1.65 ct diamond earrings. i think that was a fair trade....diamonds for a broken heart. too bad you can't trade misery for some e-gold.

i would like to thank everyone for their responses to my blog. if i didn't think anyone was reading this...well...

song lyric for the day (can you name that tune?):
"if i had a shotgun, know what i'd do? i'd point that shit straight at the sky and shoot heaven on down for you"



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