Friday, January 21, 2005


why is it so difficult to say goodbye? even if it is for a very good reason?
today i had to fire someone. i hired this kid (who is staying at poo's house), because he really needed a job. he's been here for 2 months now. he comes in and sleeps. he complains that it is too boring here. he does as little as possible. he plays horrible music in the lab (so bad that it makes me seize). and now, i found out last night, he asked poo if there was a good place at work to smoke a joint.
so, i fired him at 5:30 this morning.
i don't feel good about it. but the kid is just plain awful.

other goodbye's that are difficult...
how can you say goodbye to a lover? to a friend? to a family member?
these are all very painful. even if you know they are only a 'goodbye-til-i see-you-again'.
maybe i am being too sensitive, maybe i need to increase my dosage of hormones, who knows?

i guess the firing thing just has me a little bit blue today.

more later, when i am smiling....



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