Thursday, March 17, 2005

Gold Rant

ok, i am going to get this off my chest.
trying to support digital currencies is impossible!

don't get me wrong, i believe that the underlying premise of a gold-backed currency is the way to go.
but how freaking difficult are the 'major players' in this gold-game gonna make it???

if you have read any of my previous posts, you all ready know why i don't trust, so i won't slam them again (today).

my other choice?
goldmoney was founded by james turk, who supposedly is the genius behind gold-backed digital currency. he has patents, papers, and even a book.
but that isn't why i like him so well. i like james because he is the arch enemy of doug jackson. (yes, i am still bitter)

after checking out his site, i decided to open an account. it seemed so much easier than e-gold. with GM, you can deposit funds directly into your account from your checking/savings account. this means that you needn't go through third-party market-makers.

the following is the time line of my frustrations:

Jan 13, 2005
opened my account. followed every direction. gave detailed info of my checking account. called the special number given, to give 'verbal confirmation'.
i then received an e-mail stating, in part:
"Upon receipt of your funds, the goldgrams you purchased will be added to your Holding. You can confirm receipt of the goldgrams by logging into your holding."

VOILA!!! the money was immediately taken from my checking account! wow, that was easy!

Jan 18, 2005
after waiting 5 days to be able to spend my brand new gold...i contacted GM. "is there something else that i need to do to receive my gold?" <--- trying to be polite.

GM's reply?

"It usually takes one business day to complete your order if you place your goldgram order before 1 p.m. Eastern US time, or two business days if ordered after 1 p.m.
Therefore, you should be receiving your goldgrams later today (tuesday)."

ok, this was more than one or two days, but i let that slide.

*btw, this is not posted ANYWHERE on*

Jan 24, 2005
in a letter to GM, i asked (still trying to be polite), "what do i have to do to spend my gg? i have gold in my account, and cannot spend it."

turk's reply:
"when you buy goldgrams with an electronic debit from your bank account, the goldgrams are not available immediately for spending. GoldGrams purchased by electronic check are locked in your Holding for up to 90 days after purchase (lock phase)... The lock phase may be shortened once your written confirmation and a voided check have been submitted to GM, and your holding has been cap-verified.
You will receive a form in the mail that you need to sign and return along with a voided check from your bank account. Once we receive those from you in the mail, we will make the goldgrams available to you for spending..."

ok, ok...90 days....that really sucks.

i received their paperwork in february and sent it off Feb 13th.

*all the while i am missing out on vital gold casino gambling and contests

March 8, 2005

irritated, i send this note:
"have you even received my paperwork that i sent?"

"we have not yet received your details but will contact you as soon as we do."


March 16, 2005
"thank you for sending us your documentation to verify your identy....blah blah blah.....
Your holding has been upgraded to cap-verified status. You now have unrestricted use of the funds in your holding.

thank you for being screwed by GM <---- i didn't even get a 'reach-around' on this one!
so, to make a long story even longer....

where do i go from here?
back to the crooks at e-gold? i don't think so!

rant over....


other than my gold fiasco, life is busy these days.
still working and going to school at night. the good news is, i only have 4 or 5 more classes left.

we had a great surprise birthday party for Boo, this past weekend. we even had the gay bar, gay bar all decorated in pink and white balloons! i will try to get details and pics up for you as soon as i can function again....
the gay bar, gay bar is having an amature stripper night, this friday...i gotta get some "ones" and go!


song lyric of the day:
"all that shimmers in this world is sure to fade away, again"


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